General conditions of use


1.1 – Site (hereinafter "the site"):

1.2 – Publisher (hereinafter "the publisher") 2S PARTNERS LIMITED, a company under Hong Kong law with a capital of HKD 10,000, registered with the BRC under number 71777240-000-04-20-5, whose registered office is located at Room 1201, 12 F, Tai Sang Bank Building, 130-132 Des Vœux Road, Central, HONG-KONG,
Email address:
Phone: 0086 185 1212 4701

1.3 – Operator (hereafter "the operator"): the 2S GLOBAL company, a simplified joint stock company with a capital of €10,000, registered in the PARIS “RCS” Trade and Companies Register under number 889 499 190, whose registered office is located at 66, avenue des Champs Elysées 75008 PARIS,
Phone: 0033 179 72 57 00

1.4 – Design et production: Mr Thomas GUILLEMIN.

1.5 – Host (hereinafter referred to as "the host"): OVH,
Phone: 2 rue Kellermann 59100 ROUBAIX
Email address:

1.6 – Head of publication: Mr Rodolphe REYNAUD.


• Email address: login address provided by the user to create and access their personal space.
• Publisher: website owner, i.e. the 2S PARTNERS LIMITED company.
• Personal space: space accessible to the user in a secure manner through login credentials, which gives access to the dashboard and customer account. The personal space specifically allows the connection between the user and the publisher, the sending of sourcing requests. The personal space is allocated to any person who has contracted a subscription with the 2S GLOBAL company, even if free of charge.
• Operator: person who manages and administers the website on their behalf, and who contracts with the users, i.e. the 2S GLOBAL company.
• Login credentials: comprise the email address filled in by the user, and the password shared by the publisher with the user.
• Password: access code to the user's personal space, created by the operator and provided to the user who requests it when creating their personal space on the showcase site.
• Website: the entire showcase site and personal spaces of each user, belonging to the publisher.
• Showcase website: pages of the website from which the service is provided by the operator, which can be freely browsed by visitors, and which gives the user access to their personal space after filling in the login credentials.
• User: visitor who created a personal space and can therefore access it by entering their login credentials from the showcase site.
• Visitor: Internet user who does not have a personal space and can therefore only access the showcase site.


3.1 – These general terms of use are intended to define the terms under which the publisher and the operator intend to allow visitors and users to access the showcase site and / or their personal space. The continuation of navigation on the website shall be deemed unconditional acceptance of the following provisions and terms of use. The current online version of these terms of use is the only one enforceable for the duration of use of the site and until a new version replaces it. These terms of use may be modified or supplemented at any time.

3.2 – The purpose of the legal notices is to inform visitors and users as to the identity of the publisher and operator of the website. These legal notices may be modified at any time. They are imposed onto visitors and users, who are invited to refer to them regularly in order to become familiar with them.

3.3 – The purpose of the website is to provide information about the overall activities of the operator. This information is regularly updated by the publisher and / or operator of the website and is as accurate as possible. All the information on the site is provided for information purposes only. It is subject to change and is not exhaustive.


The purpose of the website is to provide visitors with information about the sourcing activity that the operator provides to those who request it. The website also allows users to send their sourcing requests to the operator, and to contract a subscription as described in the operator's general terms of sale. The operator may also act as an intermediary for another supplier, in which case the user shall be informed in advance and the terms of sale specified.
No sale is made on the website, even via the user's personal space.


5.1 – The publisher's website comprises two parts: a part called "showcase site" and a part called "personal space", as these terms were defined in Article 2 hereof.
Access to the website is via the Internet.

5.2 – Access to the showcase site is done without prior mandatory registration from the visitor. As a result, no login ID is created for a mere visitor.
Access to the showcase site is free for all visitors.
Access to the showcase site allows the visitor to subscribe to the newsletter, and to contact the operator via the "Contact us" form.

5.3 – Access to the user's personal space requires prior compulsory registration from the visitor. Only professionals who are registered in the RCS and/or SIREN Directory can request the creation of a personal space. A visitor who requests the creation of a personal space therefore certifies that they are not a consumer in the sense of French and European regulations.
A request for login credentials is made by the visitor via the showcase site. The operator then generates and shares a password with the visitor so that they can access their personal space as a user. The user can access their personal space thanks to their login credentials. Each user has their own personal space.

5.4 – Once logged in, the user has access to their personal space, which features a dashboard, allowing them to access their account information, as well as their past and current sourcing requests.


A sourcing request may only be sent to the operator by a user within the meaning of Article 2 hereof. The sourcing request is made by the user who is fully and solely responsible for the rights related to the information and photographs that they share with the operator. The user is specifically responsible for respecting the intellectual property rights on the photographs shared with the operator.


7.1 – The photographs of products, accompanying their description, are not contractual and do not bind the publisher.

7.2 – All trademarks, photographs, texts, comments, illustrations, animated or not animated images, video sequences, sounds, as well as all computer applications that could be used to operate the website and more generally, all elements reproduced or used on the site are protected by the applicable laws on intellectual property. They are the full and entire property of the publisher, the operator or its partners. Any reproduction, representation, use, unauthorized exploitation or adaptation, in any form whatsoever, of all or part of these elements, including computer applications, without the prior written consent of the publisher or operator, is strictly prohibited. The fact that the publisher and/or operator do not take legal action as soon as they become aware of these unauthorized uses does not imply acceptance of these uses and waiver of prosecution.
Any unauthorized use of the site or any of the elements it contains will be considered an infringement and will be prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of articles L.335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.


For the good management of the site, the publisher can at any time:
• suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the site,
• reserve access to the site, or to certain parts of the site, to a specific category of Internet users,
• remove any information that may disrupt its operation or be in violation of national or international laws,
• suspend the site in order to carry out updates or maintenance.
The publisher and the operator do not guarantee Internet users the permanent accessibility of the site, nor the absence of malfunction of any kind.


The publisher and the operator cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss of any kind whatsoever resulting from any use of the website. In particular, they shall not be liable for any material damage related to the use of the website.
The user undertakes to access the site using recent, virus-free equipment and with a latest-generation, up-to-date browser.
An interactive space can be made available to the user. The publisher and the operator reserve the right to delete any content deposited in this space in case of violation of applicable legislation, without prior notice. The publisher and / or operator cannot be held liable in the event of a malfunction of the website, or in the event of errors, inaccuracies, bugs or viruses.


Setting up any hypertext links to all or part of the site is strictly forbidden, except with the prior written authorization of the publisher or operator, requested by email to the address mentioned at the top of this document. The publisher and the operator are free to refuse this authorization without having to justify this decision in any way whatsoever. If the authorization is granted, it is only temporary and may be withdrawn at any time without the need for justification.

In any case, any link must be removed at the request of the publisher or operator. All accessible information via a link to other sites is not under the control of the publisher nor that of the operator, who disclaim any responsibility for their content.


As set forth in Article 5.1 hereof, the website includes a public space called the "showcase site", which is accessible to all Internet users, including consumers. The personal data collected from them are protected by the provisions of Law No. 78-17 dated January 6, 1978 amended by Law No. 2018-493 dated June 20, 2018. Private spaces, called "personal spaces", are accessible only by their respective holders, who can only be companies listed in the RCS or SIREN Directory. Consumers are therefore not affected by the collection of personal data in private areas.


The personal information that may be collected on the site is mainly used by the operator for the management of relations with Internet users, and if necessary, for the processing of orders and the edition of user invoices. This data is collected when visiting the website through cookies (see Article 12), during the registration process on the site, when subscribing to a newsletter, and when ordering products or services directly on the site. The collection of personal data is necessary in order to offer a smoother and more relevant navigation on the site, to process orders as well as for payment collection and the fight against fraud. The 2S GLOBAL company is responsible for the data collected. It is in charge of collecting and storing the personal data of the site's Internet users.

Personal data are collected on behalf of the 2S GLOBAL and 2S PARTNERS LIMITED companies.
The information collected may be communicated to third parties related to the publisher or the operator by contract for the execution of subcontracted tasks necessary for the management of the user's account and without the latter having to give their authorization. In the event of a proven infringement of legal or regulatory provisions, this information may be communicated on the express and reasoned request of the legal authorities. When certain information is mandatory to access specific features of the site, the publisher or operator will indicate this mandatory nature at the time of data entry.

If, when visiting the site, the user accesses personal data, they must refrain from any collection, any unauthorized use and any act that may constitute an infringement of privacy or reputation of persons. The publisher and operator disclaim any liability in this respect.


The personal data collected is stored in the European Union.
The data will be kept for the time necessary to carry out the data processing, in particular for the duration of the use of the site and for a period of five (5) years from the end of the use of the operator's services. The operator and the publisher undertake to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to guarantee a level of security appropriate to the risk incurred for the rights and freedoms of natural persons within the framework of the processing of collected personal data.

These measures are defined by taking into account the state of knowledge, implementation costs and the nature, scope, context and purposes of treatment as well as the risks identified.


In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 dated January 6, 1978 amended by Law No. 2018-493 dated June 20, 2018, relating to data, files and freedoms, users have a right to access, query, modify, rectify and delete information related to them, to be enforced at any time with the operator and publisher:
• or directly on the site under the "Contact us” section,
• or by post at the following address:
• 2S PARTNERS LIMITED Company, Room 1201, 12 F, Tai Sang Bank Building, 130-132 Des Vœux Road, Central, HONG-KONG,
• 2S GLOBAL Company, 66 avenue des Champs Elysées 75008 PARIS,
• or by email at the following address:
• 2S GLOBAL Company:

For security reasons and to avoid any fraudulent request, this request must include proof of identity. After processing such request, this proof will be destroyed.
Under the same conditions, users can object to processing used for the purposes of commercial prospection. Users may object to the portability of their personal data under the same conditions. Users can formulate specific and general post-mortem guidelines for the storage, erasure and disclosure of the data collected. In the absence of instructions, their heirs may enforce these rights.

ARTICLE 12 - COOKIES Browsing the site is likely to cause the installation of cookies on the computer of Internet users. A cookie is a small file, which does not allow the identification of the Internet user but records information relating to the navigation of a computer device on a site. This is standard information collected automatically to facilitate subsequent navigation on the site.
Any information collected indirectly will only be used to track the volume, type and pattern of traffic using this site, to improve its design and layout and for other administrative and planning purposes and generally speaking to improve the service provided.
Refusal to install a cookie may make it impossible to access certain parts of the site. The Internet user may at any time revoke their consent to the installation of cookies.


For the purposes hereof, any irresistible, unforeseeable and external event is considered to be a force majeure event. In particular, any outage, interruption or disturbance of electronic communication means affecting the operation of the Internet network is considered to be a force majeure event. The publisher or the operator may in no case be held liable for damages and prejudices of any kind whatsoever, resulting from the unavailability of the site.


The provisions of these legal notices and general terms of use are independent of each other. Consequently, in the event that one of these provisions is nullified by any legal decision, the other provisions, including those referring to the nullified provision, will continue to rule the relations between the publisher and the user.


15.1 – These conditions of use of the site are ruled by French law and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts within the LYON Court of Appeal, subject to a specific attribution of jurisdiction arising from a particular law or regulation.

15.2 – With regard to disputes with a consumer, it is specified that any dispute to which the application of these general conditions could give rise, related to their validity, interpretation or execution, the parties will be subject to the competent courts under the conditions of common law.
Consumers are informed that they may in any event resort to conventional mediation, in particular with the Commission de la médiation de la consommation (Article L. 612-1 of the French Consumer Code) or with existing sectoral mediation bodies, or to any alternative dispute resolution method in the event of a dispute.
The list of mediators can be found on the following website:


For any question, information about the products presented on the site, or about the site itself, any Internet user can leave a message at the following address: