We want to create a more responsible industry

Our commitment.
Our aim is to make import-export activities more responsible and sustainable.

Transport and manufacturing can have a heavy carbon impact on the environment. We foster responsible production methods and means of transport that do not consume too many raw materials.

Cleaner transport

Relevant UN sustainable development goals:

Although greenhouse gas emissions are expected to decrease by about 6% in 2020 due to travel restrictions and economic downturn related to the COVID-19 pandemic, this improvement is only temporary.

People development

Relevant UN sustainable development goals:

Promote development-oriented policies that foster productive activities, the creation of decent jobs, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation and stimulate the growth of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and facilitate their integration into the formal sector, including through access to financial services.

Manufacturing efficiency

Relevant UN sustainable development goals:

By 2030, modernising infrastructure and adapting industries to make them sustainable, through more efficient use of resources and greater reliance on clean and environmentally friendly technologies and industrial processes, each country acting within its means.