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Votre besoin
Understanding your need For any sourcing request, a dedicated industry consultant will assist you.

The purchasing process starts with a good definition of your need and the implementation of a complete set of specifications.

Our team will know how to assist you in your sourcing process by choosing for you the adequate suppliers according to your needs, your prices and your desired quantity.

rechercher des fabricants
Search for manufacturers We identify a panel of factories capable of producing your products.

This research is first carried out within our network of factories, then extended to other suppliers as required. Candidate suppliers are then consulted, and offer us a first draft of the products corresponding to your specifications, together with an estimate of the project.

Contrôle qualité
Manufacturing and quality control We support you in a quality management approach based on compliance with the standards in force in your country of import.

Ethical manufacturing at the service of quality.

We promote responsible and ethical production methods. Quality controls are carried out by renowned firms. Our partners include TUV, Bureau Veritas, SGS and Dekra.

Transport import-export
Transport and delivery Depending on the mode of transport and the Incoterm selected, we undertake to deliver your products to your warehouse within the desired timeframe.

Transport adapted to your needs.

According to your search for cost or delivery time, we optimise the transport of the sourced products and their customs clearance for you. Opt for rail, sea or air transport.

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Plateforme Wesourcr digital sourcing
The most advanced sourcing platform on the market.
All your tools in one place.

WeSourcr groups all the tools needed to help you make the best choices when importing your products. We provide you with powerful comparison tools to identify the best supplier and find the optimal carrier.

Maximum security.

All data and exchanges are confidential. Our hosting provider invests in the highest levels of security.

sécurité serveur données
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